softwareKURATOR is an online platform for collecting, storing, organising and viewing source code.
It consists of an open, collaborative and un-moderated database and a display platform that draws attention to cultural significance of code. Code collected through an open-submission process is indexed and stored in the code repository, and can be arranged into larger selections for public display. The displays are thematically-organised selections of code from the code repository created by users, or automatically generated by the kurator software itself.
In parallel to the activity of curating code into displays, users - programmers, curators, artists and the general public - can make modifications to the kurator software itself. New versions of the software can be saved in the code repository for public display, commenting and further development.
The softwareKURATOR site is structured into the following main sections:
The intention is to draw together the operations of software and curatorial practices, broadly understood as activities of collecting and organising materials for display and making meaning. The parallel is encapsulated by the ambiguity over the term 'programming' referring both to the work of the curator and computer programmer - both programming source materials and codes. The online platform stresses the activity of programming and the importance of the sharing and modifying of source codes, and thereby the possibilities of rethinking the practice of curating as a collective executable.
This version of softwareKURATOR was launched in 2008, and a demo of the software can be viewed here. An earlier version (beta 0.1) produced in 2005 is archived at www.kurator.org/wiki/main/read/Kurator >>
softwareKURATOR is a collaborative project developed by Joasia Krysa, Grzesiek Sedek, Duncan Shingleton, and Chris Saunders, with contributions from Hugo de Rijke, Geoff Cox, George Grinsted, and Adrian Ward, with site design by Giles Macleay.
softwareKURATOR is produced by KURATOR, funded by Arts Council England and hosted on the KURATOR server.